My Summer Beauty Essentials

My Summer Beauty Essentials

I feel like Summer is the time of the year when I use the most products on my skin. I don’t know why because I’m pretty sure it should be an all year round thing; but I seem to find that my skincare routine, favourite products and the number of products I use, seem to almost double over the Summer months.

I think I am not the first person to admit that there are definitely days where I am far too lazy to do the full skincare shazam every day, however on the days that I do there has definitely been a selection of products that are on my holy-grail list this Summer.

Everyone has their favourites and these are only a few of mine, but I can almost guarantee that when I travel to Madrid next week, every single one of these items will be coming with me!

Malibu Scalp Protector

Does anyone else with pale skin really suffer from burning your scalp whilst on holiday? It might just be me, but I have terrible luck. I burn very easily in general but my scalp is red within minutes of being in the sunshine so I have to be so careful and wear a hat (in general it’s usually a very unflattering cap). However for the times that I simply can’t wear a hat, or I simply don’t want to, this stuff works a dream. Spray it on your scalp, leave it to dry and it protects just like sun cream whilst still leaving your hair feeling fresh and clean. A definite must for any kind of holiday!

Wilkinson Sword Intuition FAB Razor

I was very kindly set this razor by Wilkinson Sword to trial as part of the #IntuitionFAB campaign and oh my, I am converted. I will be honest and say that I was definitely a bit unsure on the logistics of a razor with blades facing in both directions but in reality, it actually makes the whole process a much more pleasant and quicker experience. The razor head is also packed with an amazing gel that leaves your skin feeling softer than ever. I loved it that much I have already re-purchased a new set of razor heads!

Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics Range

This is one that I’m almost certain most people have probably already seen or read at least one blog post about. If you haven’t or have been living under a rock for the past few months, Zoella Beauty has recently released their new ‘Splash Botanics’ range and this launch just screamed Summer to me. The scent is so natural and fresh and the products are so Summer ready. My personal favourites are the lip-oil and moisturiser. If you haven’t had a chance to go and give it a sniff – I would highly recommend, this refreshing range is definitely one for everyone.


I am sure that I mention Carmex in quite easily every post about products that I write. This is like my essential all year round and I have a tube in every bag and coat pocket I own (as well as my Mum’s bag and coat pockets also!) I am a lover of the original scent but they have released some more appealing scents. In general, it simply does what it says and no matter how sunburnt or chapped my lips are – this stuff always works.

No. 4 Smoothing Balm

My monthly subscription to Birchbox is probably the only way I discover new products from smaller brands or brands that I have not yet heard of. This little beauty was sent in my June box (I think…) and it has worked wonders on my hair. With this being the first Summer with short hair, I was partly dreading finding out what happened when my hair was exposed to heat and humidity but this product has really helped with taming the ends and helping my hair appear more smooth and frizz-free on holiday.

Ultra-Sun Products

As I mentioned, as I have really pale and sensitive skin. This means that I burn VERY easily and I have to be really careful with what suncream I use as more often than not, I am usually left with a heat rash. I discovered Ultra-Sun protects about 6 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Pre-holiday, I use the ‘Tan Optimiser’ which moisturises and prepares your skin for sun exposure. This also helps if you do burn really easily as the best tans I have ever had are after using this.

Whilst on holiday, their all day SPF gel leaves you protected with just one application. All you have to do is make sure you shower first and dry off fully, then apply all over and leave it to dry. Then you are free to sunbathe, swim and sweat as much as you like and you will be protected all day with very little reapplication. (I sometimes re-apply on my shoulders and face). It’s really good if you’re often forgetful about suncream or you don’t want to have to worry.

*I purchase this from Amazon in general, but Sainsbury’s have since begun stocking the SPF 30*

PIXI by Petra Skintint

Wearing a full face of makeup on holiday is definitely not for me, however being bare-faced for all the holiday snaps is also not great as my skin usually goes quite red before I tan. This skintint has been the answer to all my worries when it comes to holiday makeup. The skintint is so lightweight and moisturising that it gives you that makeup-free feeling whilst still giving you an even complexion. For £24 this tube lasted me months and I know for a fact that it will always be on my holiday packing list!

*I first saw this in the PIXI store in London, however Marks and Spencers now stock most of their products*

What are your Summer beauty essentials?

Lulu xoxo